Graffiti Prevention - Practical Tips and Ideas

Graffiti is illegal spraying paint, dyes, permanent ink or other substances to identify buildings, fences, and surface open to the public. This is a Community issue that drove down business income, lower property values and promotes the view that it is a community that is not secure.

The following ideas can help the prevention and removal of graffiti graffiti:

o Remove the graffiti as soon as possible. Graffiti vandals moved to another location after the "art" they no longer appear. Graffiti is easier to remove in 24 hours because it hasn't been exposed to the elements first are too long and do not have much opportunity to penetrate to the surface.

o video surveillance camera Install

o Install lights, sensor lights as possible.

o Make access to the site. Install a garden with plants or shrubs or thorny close to cover the walls. Move the junk from the walls closely because they are great climbing equipment for access to the roof.

o Keep your property looking neat and clean. A property looks interesting graffiti vandalism was ignored.

o install the sprinkler system sensor

o take a photo and reported to the police because of their graffiti sometimes keep a database of graffiti in the area

o Apply a layer of anti-graffiti sacrifice or non-victims to the surface. A layer of anti-graffiti is a transparent coating that can be applied on porous materials such as brick, concrete, limestone, etc. as well as metal. Coating layer on the surface, making the graffiti wasn't letting it penetrate into the surface of the porous which makes graffiti removal much easier. You should choose the best layer corresponding to Your particular situation. They are described as follows:

Non-Sacrificial Coating Of Anti-Graffiti Protection

Anti Graffiti protective Coating can be applied on any surface that buggers want graffiti. Appears in color or gloss and matt can be painted or sprayed, rolled up to the surface. This layer can be clear or tinted to the color that You need.

When you get the graffiti on the surface which has Anti Graffiti Coating is applied, it can be removed easily by either own by applying warm soapy water or light graffiti remover, mengagitasi graffiti, then flush with water or call a local professional graffiti.

The sacrifice of an Anti-Graffiti Anti Graffiti Coatings CoatingSacrificial protectors are great for all kinds of surfaces. The Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating is easy to implement with painting, grinding or spraying. When you have tampered with the graffiti, it is a matter of the application of hot soapy water to areas that have graffiti.

Graffiti will be lost as well as layers. Allow the surface to dry for 15 minutes, Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating applied to the area of the back has been removed.

The difference between victims and non-victims of anti graffiti coating is that victims will be removed with hot water only and no products are necessary. The victim then had to back layer is applied.

The second layer can be applied on top of the painted surface or non-painted surfaces depends on your needs. This can be applied to most surfaces such as brick, concrete, metal, perspex, road signs, wood, etc.

All in all, the best strategy to prevent graffiti is direct deletion within 24-48 hours. Contact your local Council as they usually have a graffiti prevention strategies in place.