How Can I Learn to Graffiti?

So you want to learn graffiti? There are several different places you can start in the streets, at home in the sketchbook, online, in the street art class your options are literally endless.

From its origins in the urban streets of the 1970s to where it is now graffiti has evolved from a form of expression for street children to art movement that is recognized globally. It's no wonder more and more people are looking to learn graffiti.

You're probably reading this article because you want to be the next Banksy, Shepard Fairey or maybe even Taki 183? But for many people, graffiti is about more than looking for fame and glory. Do you want to learn graffiti to achieve fame or to reinforce your name on the streets, the main principles of writing graffiti is still valid.

1. develop your own tag

Graffiti begins with tagging. When graffiti was first recognized it in the form of street children literally write their names on the wall wherever they go. Since then the name has formed the basis of graffiti writers for all graffiti bombing, and throwups pieces.

You should choose a name that you will use to be recognized by others. If you want to change the name of the tag you are then on the phone to rediscover yourself you can do it too, you don't have to get stuck with the name of your tag, but you still need to make sure you choose the one that You will want to use and that is also unique.

Learn to graffiti with the tag You first.

2. Practice your graffiti style

Graffiti writers and artists all expected to have their own style. You won't stand a chance to make it in Your pursuit to learn graffiti if you aren't able to develop your own style. Your style should be as unique as your tags, and other graffiti writers realize that very protective of their own style. Any kind of copying will not be tolerated.

When you start to learn to graffiti it all rights to learn by copying the styles of another author. But You need to use the copy as a way to develop the skills of writing your own graffiti, not to make your own pieces. It is easier to learn by copying a number of graffiti graffiti artists of different styles. In this way you will find out what part of different styles You better and which parts You enjoy working with it more. What you learn from graffiti style of other writers that you can use to develop their own.

Just copy other writers ' styles as you learn to graffiti. Do not use their style. Learn to develop their own.

3. Plan your ' piece ' in black book

Once You have developed your own and tag graffiti style, you're ready to start making your own pieces (short for masterpiece). It is important that every piece you attach that peculiar graffiti in a unique style and skill. While you learn to graffiti you need to focus on developing your skills with paint, markers, spray cans and other materials.

Because these skills are just as important as style you need to work on your pieces until they are perfect. This is why graffiti writers have a black book. They are used for copying sketches, ideas and developing their pieces before they actually throw up. You need to make sure every detail planned out in case you find yourself working in a situation of distress. Every piece you attach is representative of You as the author of graffiti.

Graffiti Cleaner to Keep Your Environment Clean

Graffiti has become a problem in many cities for many years now. This is a complex art form practiced by a group of artists to protest or show their art. Generally performed by hip-hop gang or Protestant on the walls of the bridge, the streets and buildings are illegal. They use cans with permanent ink for spraying does the same thing. Graffiti is a combination of words, numbers and images. You can usually find them in cities such as Manchester and London.

Lowering the value and display Graffiti buildings. Also the area where graffiti General considered unsafe as well. So cleaning up graffiti is very important.

Like graffiti artists use paint permanent it becomes increasingly difficult to be eliminated. It is recommended to move back the next day graffiti if possible as it will not penetrate the surface of the lot to make cleaning easier. graffiti The most widely used paint to paint furniture have billions to the long term effects of paint which makes it difficult to remove if it is used for graffiti.

Graffiti cleaners come in the picture now. There are many companies on the market today that offer good graffiti cleaning products or with products and services. Some companies like Star Advertising Graffiti Remover is one of the business set out in the last 20 years. They deal with cleaning graffiti for commercial clients, businesses, councils and housing clients as well. The products they use to clean the graffiti of environmentally friendly and dealt with a variety of surfaces. Most of the cleaning product to remove graffiti paint damage the surface of the wall or the product. Chemicals used in cleaning is very dangerous and can cause skin irritation or burns. Therefore it is better to get the cleaning done by professional graffiti cleaning using eco-friendly products.

Graffiti cleaning is of different types. They are categorized based on the surface and effect required by the client. As each level has different properties so that the cleaners are also different. There is a solvent-based cleaner or orange graffiti and potassium hydroxide-based graffiti cleaners. The most aggressive based orange but they sometimes don't work on certain paints. They do not require strict disposal and safe to use. Potassium hydroxide is an effective cleaner graffiti but strong in nature they require soaking from the surface for hours before being washed. They are also in need of neutralising acids. The most effective and strongest is tungsten carbide nozzle clean graffiti that combines sand and water and can only be done by a professional graffiti clean.

Many of the buildings and people have started using anti graffiti cleaner on the surface of their walls. Anti graffiti cleaner and offers a wide variety of different types of protection. They are the three basic types of anti graffiti sacrifice, semi-permanent and permanent.

In the sacrificial layer Graffiti cleaner based on the use of wax graffiti anti very reasonable. After the wax coating applied to the surface the graffiti can be removed by melting wax. Wax can be melted with the use of hot water flow. However clean the Graffiti will sacrifice coating is used only once.

Graffiti Prevention - Practical Tips and Ideas

Graffiti is illegal spraying paint, dyes, permanent ink or other substances to identify buildings, fences, and surface open to the public. This is a Community issue that drove down business income, lower property values and promotes the view that it is a community that is not secure.

The following ideas can help the prevention and removal of graffiti graffiti:

o Remove the graffiti as soon as possible. Graffiti vandals moved to another location after the "art" they no longer appear. Graffiti is easier to remove in 24 hours because it hasn't been exposed to the elements first are too long and do not have much opportunity to penetrate to the surface.

o video surveillance camera Install

o Install lights, sensor lights as possible.

o Make access to the site. Install a garden with plants or shrubs or thorny close to cover the walls. Move the junk from the walls closely because they are great climbing equipment for access to the roof.

o Keep your property looking neat and clean. A property looks interesting graffiti vandalism was ignored.

o install the sprinkler system sensor

o take a photo and reported to the police because of their graffiti sometimes keep a database of graffiti in the area

o Apply a layer of anti-graffiti sacrifice or non-victims to the surface. A layer of anti-graffiti is a transparent coating that can be applied on porous materials such as brick, concrete, limestone, etc. as well as metal. Coating layer on the surface, making the graffiti wasn't letting it penetrate into the surface of the porous which makes graffiti removal much easier. You should choose the best layer corresponding to Your particular situation. They are described as follows:

Non-Sacrificial Coating Of Anti-Graffiti Protection

Anti Graffiti protective Coating can be applied on any surface that buggers want graffiti. Appears in color or gloss and matt can be painted or sprayed, rolled up to the surface. This layer can be clear or tinted to the color that You need.

When you get the graffiti on the surface which has Anti Graffiti Coating is applied, it can be removed easily by either own by applying warm soapy water or light graffiti remover, mengagitasi graffiti, then flush with water or call a local professional graffiti.

The sacrifice of an Anti-Graffiti Anti Graffiti Coatings CoatingSacrificial protectors are great for all kinds of surfaces. The Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating is easy to implement with painting, grinding or spraying. When you have tampered with the graffiti, it is a matter of the application of hot soapy water to areas that have graffiti.

Graffiti will be lost as well as layers. Allow the surface to dry for 15 minutes, Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating applied to the area of the back has been removed.

The difference between victims and non-victims of anti graffiti coating is that victims will be removed with hot water only and no products are necessary. The victim then had to back layer is applied.

The second layer can be applied on top of the painted surface or non-painted surfaces depends on your needs. This can be applied to most surfaces such as brick, concrete, metal, perspex, road signs, wood, etc.

All in all, the best strategy to prevent graffiti is direct deletion within 24-48 hours. Contact your local Council as they usually have a graffiti prevention strategies in place.

Testosterone Theory on Graffiti Vandals

Rod has spent 17 years working in reduction in graffiti. The problem is hormone-Testosterone men this is a concept that you may find it hard to agree with but give some thought like that might be the answer to how you control the Graffiti. Graffiti similar to that of other forms of vandalism and can be associated with other forms of anti social behaviour, Street Racing and Burnouts in a car. The cause of defeat was just the same. Testosterone!

We need to go back to the days when men were the providers (Hunter) and women with guards. Until the day the man who most enjoyed the excitement of the hunt. For some it is other people shooting and angling for some women wild Chase.

Most men love the adrenaline rush of joy, which is the natural way to enhance performance and protect them. The adrenaline in the blood increase performance by increasing the senses and the heart rate and therefore the blood to the brain and shellfish. Is it coincidence that the average age is 15 to 24 graffitist?

Around 15 (puberty) Testosterone stack up in men until about the age of 24 when level off and begin to diminish during the next years. 85% of the graffitists are men only 15% are women and women who have low testosterone levels.

Most graffiti made by women in relationships with men. This does not give women most sensation, even those wondering why the guy would bother to do graffiti. The fact is some of the excitement of the graffitist gets caught risks. The majority came from the success of their bragging rights tag recognition and number of tags they can wake up.

They are out there trying to prove themselves to society as individuals trying to be different and take a look. While this is a theory and it is dangerous to generalize everything makes sense. Increase their enjoyment of public outrage and encourage them to do more. We know that as part of the graffiti adventure some graffitist doing things such as increased risk of train surfing and tagging a very dangerous place like the roof of the train moves, the bridge face more way road and the signs that high in the air.

There are various forms of graffiti on the school desk and idle message left on the toilet wall graffiti to the hardcore political statement. These are all the result of different motivations. When we look at testosterone theory we see chemical that cause us to react in a way that has been determined for most young people, they don't understand why they feel the way they do. So, what does this tell us?

Testosterone theory tells us that we will never eradicate graffiti and that we should concentrate on management and reduce the incidence of graffiti. Then how do we reduce Graffiti? Fear and police intervention aspects of fear and charging through the courts very rarely happens. There is punishment in place in some countries and a fine of $ 1,500 fine or imprisonment up to three years. The courts rarely give high penalties in some cases because they saw the offenders turned to other crimes such as theft to pay a fine. Police were then encouraged to use redirects to take offenders program graffiti Street.

This is great for first offenders who are concerned about the conviction recorded against their names, but for repeated offenders has little or no influence. We have been implementing the programme the success with the Police can remove offenders from the streets, but there's always a few others come along behind them put up graffiti. For costs incurred by the community, the effect produced on the issue at least. Some organizations believe that publicity publicity release will help reduce graffiti but in fact the opposite is the truth. Press can help in getting the local community programs feedback non graffitist graffiti, but in doing so can stir on local graffiti crew. The co-ordinated, calm, organized approach is the way to go.

We have been involved in many campaigns with the Council and other groups that have been advertised, have news articles that were published and in most cases we have seen an increase in graffiti before every profit made by the program. Most education graffitist know that graffiti is wrong, but this does not stop them. In most cases it adds to the sensation. Removal, Graffiti cleaning Remove graffiti is the best known strategies that we have today, the Glutton Graffiti believes that maintaining a graffiti free is the best approach and that is